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first_imgDear Editor,Dr Sittlington, an agent, an employee of the British Government, whatever he does in Guyana, is either the policy of the British Government or embarrassment of the British Government.It would be sad if the British Government is now in collusion with the coalition in the political persecution of members of the previous Government.It has been a basic principle of Western democratic society that members of Government are never persecuted for Government policy. All Governments of Guyana have pursued policies of providing land for housing, and housing at subsidised cost. Eg Lamaha Gardens, Meadow brook Gardens, Roxanne Burnham Gardens, Bel Air Gardens (where Carl Greenridge got a gift) have all been provided to Ministers and senior Government functionaries.Dr Sittlington needs to understand the history; he is where he is because of the sweat of slaves and indentured. You can’t pick one area, without looking at the entire country, for example Eccles. When the PPP started their housing drive in 1993, the persons occupying “BB”, “CC” paid one third the price of the people in “AA”, so all those people need to be investigated.But this is not about housing fraud, this is about political harassment, political embarrassment, feeding mob frenzy, and race.The office of the President under whose budget falls SOCU has emasculated the Police Force, to back it up the SARU will and the Special Prosecutor Bill is designed to take prosecution out of the hands of the DPP. Having the DPP march into SOCU headquarters as a common criminal is a signal that the Granger Administration lacks confidence in the person who is the DPP and already coalition zealots are calling for her to be sent on leave.This comes just a few weeks after Basil Williams inferring in his comments ‘look how the court is divided’ — referring to the decision of the appeal court re “Jagdeo’s third term”.What we are seeing in Guyana today is ethnic cleansing and persecution of Indians not even experienced during the Burnham era. Not only have they been removed, but all are now facing trumped up charges – look how Chancellor Kennard and Justice Persaud were booted out of constitutional office. Anytime a regime has to bring out or infer that the army must come out against civilians unrest, know that regime is either unpopular, or undemocratic, or both unpopular and undemocratic.As part Chinese from the Chungh dynasty, we say I wish you live in interesting times, those times are here as never before witnessed in our country.Thank you for the opportunity to share my views.Sincerely,Maria Nadirlast_img read more

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