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first_img Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Origin of Life: Brian Miller Distills a Debate Between Dave Farina and James Tour TagsAldous HuxleybabiesBig FertilitybioethicsbiotechBrave New WorldCenter for Bioethics and CultureChinadecantingdehumanizationDubaiembryoseugenicsFDAfertility clinicgametesgenetic engineeringgermlinegestational carriershatcheryHe JiankuiHyde AmendmentIVFJennifer LahlPoliticiansprocreationprofitprofiteersregulationStanford Universitysurrogate mothersTechnologyWilliam Hurlbut,Trending Congratulations to Science Magazine for an Honest Portrayal of Darwin’s Descent of Man A Physician Describes How Behe Changed His MindLife’s Origin — A “Mystery” Made AccessibleCodes Are Not Products of PhysicsIxnay on the Ambriancay PlosionexhayDesign Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to All Requesting a (Partial) Retraction from Darrel Falk and BioLogos In the 1932 classic, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley conjures a future in which embryos are created through a mass IVF-type process, genetically engineered to possess desired traits, artificially gestated, after which, the babies are “decanted” at a “hatchery.” The point of the enterprise, readers learn, is to guarantee social stability and prevent any challenge to the ruling order.A Dire WarningHuxley wrote the book as a dire warning. But we aren’t paying heed. In our own impending brave new world, profit is the accelerant driving the dehumanization of procreation. “Big Fertility” (a term popularized by my friend Jennifer Lahl, head of the Center for Bioethics and Culture) already makes billions creating masses of embryos via increasingly sophisticated IVF techniques — complete with quality control, including rudimentary eugenics applications — and sometimes deploying surrogate mothers (dehumanized in industry parlance as “gestational carriers”) to birth the babies for those who can’t or don’t wish to do it themselves. That isn’t “decanting,” but it sure is a giant step in that direction.Germline EngineeringWe may now be on the verge of adding germline engineering to the menu of available reproductive services, that will, for a price, offer to edit “desired” genetic characteristics into embryos — both health-related and enhancements — that will pass down the generations. Indeed, the first germline altered babies were born in China six months ago — setting off a firestorm of controversy (now well banked because much of it was faux) but still landing the scientist who performed the procedure, He Jiankui, in prison (as if Chinese authorities didn’t know what he was up to all along).As some in the science community expressed outrage at JK (as he is known) — not, in my opinion, over what was done, but when — a business director of a Dubai fertility clinic emailed the scientist to congratulate the genetic engineer for the “achievement of the first gene-edited baby delivered by your technique.” The email then got the real point of the communication: The clinic wanted to send its embryologist to China to learn the technique so genetic engineering could added to its menu of available services. (JK shared the email with Stanford bioethicist William Hurlbut — who disclosed it publicly at a recent biotechnology symposium.)Greed and ProfitThe alacrity with which the Dubai clinic reacted to the birth of a genetically engineered baby — before its safety has been determined, much less its moral propriety fully explored — illustrates that greed and profit will be the accelerant that drives genetic engineering into widespread deployment. It will, that is, unless stringent and legally enforceable regulations prevent the biotech wildcatters from taking control.But that isn’t happening. There has been a lot of talk, but no effective action. Early calls for an international moratorium have not been agreed to. Indeed, some in the biotech and science communities resist any regulatory actions that would take parameters of the research out the hands of scientists. Never mind that these experts could have financial and professional conflicts of interest in determining how to proceed. In this ideological view, only scientists can determine what is ethical in science.Meanwhile, some politicians are trying to repeal a relatively weak impediment (akin to the Hyde Amendment) first enacted in 2016 that prevents the FDA from approving a clinical application “in which a human embryo is intentionally created or modified to include a heritable genetic modification.”No! This technology is too powerful and its potential impact too encompassing to leave to the biotech sector and others with a vested interest. By their inaction in cooperating with the promulgation of binding international laws, by their refusal or inability to enact and enforce a meaningful moratorium on genetically engineering human gametes and embryos, “the scientists“” and their business partners have already proved they can’t be trusted to exercise the required self-restraint.Missing the TruthAs Hurlbut said at the symposium, “If you call JK a rogue scientist who did this by himself, you miss the truth, and then you fail to see what’s wrong with the current structure for the global governance of science.”Alas, our leaders have shown zero interest in engaging this crucial issue. That is an abdication of responsibility. The time has come to lead! Otherwise, the profiteers will determine our biotechnological future based on what is best for them, with little regard for ethics or, for that matter, what will improve the lives of — and reduce the risks for — all of us and our posterity.Photo credit: Ousa Chea on Unsplash.Cross-posted at The Corner. Wesley J. SmithChair and Senior Fellow, Center on Human ExceptionalismWesley J. Smith is Chair and Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism. Wesley is a contributor to National Review and is the author of 14 books, in recent years focusing on human dignity, liberty, and equality. Wesley has been recognized as one of America’s premier public intellectuals on bioethics by National Journal and has been honored by the Human Life Foundation as a “Great Defender of Life” for his work against suicide and euthanasia. Wesley’s most recent book is Culture of Death: The Age of “Do Harm” Medicine, a warning about the dangers to patients of the modern bioethics movement.Follow WesleyProfileTwitterFacebook Share Medicine Don’t Let Profiteers Control Human Genetic EngineeringWesley J. SmithMay 30, 2019, 1:14 PM “A Summary of the Evidence for Intelligent Design”: The Study Guide Recommended Jane Goodall Meets the God Hypothesislast_img read more

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first_imgTYSON FURY put on a workout with his dad John in front of local fans at Morecambe Bay.The heavyweight champion, 31, treated his supporters to an impromptu training session on the sand.Tyson Fury put on a workout with his dad John in front of local fans at Morecambe BayFury was training with dad John on the sandHe hit pads with John with a small crowd cheering on.Fury, who recently got his dad on Instagram, is preparing for his next fight, having won the WBC title against Deontay Wilder in February.The pair are signed to a trilogy bout, which was targeted for December.US promoter Bob Arum warned the rematch could now be backdated as far back as February.But according to Fury’s UK matchmaker Frank Warren, the Gypsy King is desperate to fight again before the year’s out.And he has been instructed to find the unbeaten heavyweight a bout before 2020 is over. Warren said: “Tyson made it very clear – I’ve got to give him a fight by the end of the year.“I don’t want him fighting behind closed doors.“But Tyson’s been in lockdown since February so, by December, it’s ten months out of the ring.”Fury’s chances of immediately defending his belt against 34-year-old Wilder relies on when fans are allowed to return.The heavyweight division’s hero is not ruining out fighting in front of an empty arena.Warren said: “The only way the Wilder fight works financially is in front of  a crowd.“In the meantime, let’s think about what works health-wise for Tyson.“So a fight here, behind closed doors, is something to look at.”Fury is preparing for his next fight, having won the WBC title against Deontay Wilder in FebruaryTyson Fury’s dad John is keeping in top shape aged 55 after being inspired to stay fit after death of his two brothers 10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures! What’s This “Trick” Called? Comment Down Below!! People Slammed By Massive Waves 4 Top 5 Best Budget Hotels In Dubai under AED 400 a night. Source: Boxing – thesun.co.ukcenter_img Real or Fake? Shark Attacks Helicopter Travel Diary // Vietnam 2017 Rebekah Vardy scores an impressive penalty in six-inch heels 8 MOST DANGEROUS RAINS of All Time | TOP 10 INTERESTINGlast_img read more