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first_imgKamala Harris has been the talk of the town in the past couple of days.. the symbol of women empowerment, coming of age Indian society … celebrating upper-middle class values …we have been trying harder and harder to identify with her Indian roots her flare for idlis, desperately trying to fit her into Indian ensembles and our DIY transformations to suit our wishful appetite. Well, those are the fruits of globalization…also a bit of virtualization.Cut to real times …a 17-year-old girl is brought to the hospital by her parents as a case of a bloated abdomen with severe pain. On examination, she is found to be a case of neglected full-grown pregnancy with the child stuck in the birth canal for the past three days. She is in shock … no not mental or emotional .. she lost that sensitivity years ago probably .. it is a medical shock with an unrecordable pulse and blood pressure; her kidneys shut down due to the unimaginable spread of infection. She is revived with a lot of difficulty and her abdomen operated on to take out a dead baby and liters and liters of pus. No wonder we lost her the subsequent day after a valiant battle that we had actually lost not months but years ago… much before she came to us.The agonizing part in this saga of brutality is the apathy with which the parents saw it all happen calmly claiming that they have no idea what happened…Sometimes just watching someone wail in pain, conceive as a child herself, do nothing to save both the lives and absolve yourself of all responsibility … is not punishable under any IPC (despite all legal formalities), and getting rid of both these innocent lives can actually help you wipe out all traces of atrocities inflicted not only on her body but also on her soul for years together.Shutting our eyes to these HARASSED souls and glorifying Kamala Harris is the most convenient means to soothe our inflated egos and balm our fertile imagination.Kudos to hypocrisy !!!( All characters mentioned in the above blog are fictional. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. All names have been changed to create a relatable narrative)last_img read more