Supercrawl goes out with a bang

Supercrawl went out with a bang Sunday. Three days of music, art, fashion and food on James St North in Hamilton wrapped up just after 6 o’oclock Sunday evening with record breaking crowds hitting the streets.Holly Pocsai, co-owner of boutique White Elephant has seen the Supercrawl really bring the neighbourhood together.“More and more stores are opening up, which is great, more and more businesses, restaurants. So there’s a lot more street traffic day-to day and people can see how vibrant the life is down here and it just organically grows like that.”Supercrawl started six years ago as a way to showcase the uniqueness and the character of the James St North neighbourhood. The first year about 3000 people attended. Last year a 100,000 people turned up. This year, that number was surpassed almost the first night.Organizer Tim Potocic says it’s filling a void.“There really wasn’t a big urban festival in Hamilton that takes place on the streets and is in a situation where you can do so many multiple things, things on the street, things in retail shops, stages pop up. ”As one festival-goer put it today, there’s only 363 more days until the next Supercrawl.The little festival that grew is clearly here to stay.

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