Cretan dance lessons with the master

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Pancretan Association of Melbourne is hosting its 2nd International Cretan Dance Seminars with the renowned and highly experienced dance teacher and choreographer Giannis Megalakakis. The association aims to provide youth, and in particular the second, third and subsequent generations, with the opportunity to be enthralled by five days of Cretan life through dance, music, songs and lyrics. Giannis will cover over 20 Cretan dances ranging from all over the island regions using a methodology that will be easy to follow for any person from junior to senior levels. Giannis Megalakakis is from Hania and Rethymno in Crete. His family background has played an influential role in his decision to pursue a career as a Cretan dance teacher and researcher. He began teaching Cretan dances in 1994 at a number of cultural organisations in Greece and he went on to found the Expression of Cretan Dance Group (Ομάδα Έκφρασης Κρητικών Χορών) in 1998 together with his twin brother Giorgos Megalakakis . In 2004 Giannis Megalakakis performed at the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games. The following year, Giannis and Giorgos performed with their dance team at the New Benaki Museum in Athens where they presented their film documentary on Cretan dance When I hear about Crete (Όταν ακούω Κρήτη), as well as releasing the documentary on DVD. The film is a rare record of traditional Cretan music and dance. In 2006 Giannis and Giorgos founded the Centre for Research and Teaching of Cretan Dance (Κέντρο Έρευνας και Διδασκαλίας Κρητικού Χορού) in Athens. In the same year, the brothers inspired the director of the film El Greco to choreograph the dance scene in his movie. In 2008 the brothers performed with their group at a dance concert entitled ‘Crete of Dreams’ (Η Κρήτη των ονείρων) with the musical family Xilouris at Vrachon Theatre at the Byron Festival in Athens. That year also saw them perform at the World Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain. Together with Spanish dance group Grupo Flamenco, they presented a performance with Cretan and Spanish flamenco dances. 2010 saw Giannis Megalakakis release his first book, ‘Horografontas’ (Χορογράφοντας), on Cretan dance and poetry, while in 2011 he produced a second film documentary on Cretan dance, Dancing on Crete for Centuries (Χορεύω αιώνες στην Κρήτη). Giannis Megalakakis has also provided Cretan dance lessons to the cast of the popular Greek television series The Island (Το Νησί). Giannis Megalakakis continues to travel throughout Cretan villages to research and document the history of Cretan dance and culture. Together with his brother and their dance group, he also continues to hold performances throughout Greece and other parts of Europe. Giannis Megalakakis has conducted dance workshops and seminars in cities including, Brussels, Monaco, Zurich, Paris, London, Luxembourg and Milan as well as in Athens, Thessaloniki and numerous Greek islands. Further information on Giannis and Giorgos Megalakakis and their Centre for Research and Teaching of Cretan Dance can be found at: All members of the Hellenic Community are encouraged to get involved and especially the members of other Greek Australian Dance Groups. Giannis Megalakakis will host a series of dance seminars at the Members Pavilion of the Cretan Village, 90 Cathies Lane Wantirna South between the 17-21 April. For those interested in participating, please register with Aggie Mihelakis on 0439 324 445 or via email on [email protected]last_img

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