Roblox 101 How To Make Actual Money In The Game

first_imgStay on target Roblox is great for a lot of things. With thousands of games to pick from made by the millions of people that play and build in Roblox each month, it’s basically endless. And with so many people playing all of those games there is a very real opportunity for users — just like you! — to make a bit of real world money too.You can do this through a wide variety of ways in Roblox, so we’ll cover some of the most popular and most effective ways to do so in this article. There’s no real guarantee that you’ll be successful and you probably won’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but something is definitely better than nothing.Making Money On Roblox From Games You MakeThe most obvious way to make money on Roblox is to simply make great games that thousands — or maybe even millions! — of people will be clamoring to play. If you can do that and keep people coming back for more, then chances are you’re on the path to success in the world of Roblox.There are a few different ways you can make money from Roblox game creation. First of all you can actually charge people Robux before they get access to your game. While most games on Roblox are totally free for anyone to play, that’s not true for all games. Some games will ask you to pay a small fee before playing, almost like an entry fee just the one time. This is called asking people to “Buy Access”.Another great example of how you can make money from your games in Roblox is to charge people for Game Passes. Game Passes work a lot like Downloadable Content (DLC) does for PC, PS4, and Xbox One games you may have played before. You’ll spend some Robux up front and gain access to things that make the game more convenient or fun, but aren’t required necessarily to actually play the game since it’s technically free.If you want to learn more about getting started with making games in Roblox, you can check out our guide on how to make your first Roblox game right here.Exchanging Robux For Real MoneyNow the easiest way to make money in Roblox is very simple: just exchange your accumulated Robux for real cash. Robux are what the worlds of Roblox go round and are a type of digital currency within that universe, almost like tickets you’d get at a carnival to spend on rides and snacks. People just like you spend real money from the real world to get Robux inside the digital world, so it only makes sense that you can reverse that and turn Robux back into real money for yourself.Once you have enough Robux saved up, you can use the Developer Exchange program to transfer them back into real money. The only problem is that not just anybody can do this, it really does take quite a bit of work to reach that point.According to the Roblox website as of the time of this writing, in order to exchange Robux for real money you must:Must be at least 13 years of age or older,A member of the Outrageous Builders Club tier,And a minimum of 100,000 “earned” Robux in your account.If you meet all of those requirements, the cash-out rate is  $.0035 per 1R$. This means if you had the requisite minimum earned Robux of 100,00, that would result in $350, but you could of course earn much more. The Roblox Corporation has a monthly limit of $1,050,000, which seems awfully ridiculous and generous.Trading ItemsThe last way to earn real money inside Roblox that we’ll talk about is from trading exclusive Limited Items. In the realm of Roblox, Limited Items are extremely popular and rare. Basically, they’re items inside the game world that the creators of Roblox itself made and put on sale for just a very short period of time. If you weren’t one of the lucky few that got one then you may initially think you’re out of luck — but that’s not true. You can buy items from other players using Robux.So the idea here is that you’d keep an eye on exclusive, Limited Items, as they become available. Using your own judgement you can identify items that you think will end up being popular in the future and hold onto them, waiting for the asking price to rise. It’s a lot like the stock market!Then once people are willing to pay enough, you sell those items for Robux and then exchange the Robux for real cash. That’s all there is to it!ScammersAnd finally, before you set out on your journey to make a bit of spare cash in Roblox, you should be aware that scammers do exist. Many of them will try and trick you into giving away your account information with the allure of “free Robux” inside the game, but that’s never true.For more information on recognizing and avoiding Robux scams, read here.—–David Jagneaux is a tech and gaming journalist with bylines on several prominent media publications such as IGN, Polygon, Playboy, UploadVR, Motherboard, Gamecrate, VICE, GamesMaster Magazine, and many others. He is also the author of The Ultimate Roblox Book, a recently released book for anyone interested in learning more about making money from creations inside Roblox. It’s being published by Adams Media and is now available for purchase on Amazon right here, as well as from Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and other select retailers. Roblox 101: How To Make Your First GameTop 7 Best Zombie Games on Roblox last_img

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