Local firm to begin dismantling dock from Japan

first_imgIt’s not the biggest job that -Ballard Diving and Salvage has taken on, but it’s an important one that few contractors are capable of doing.That’s how Eric Muller, director of marketing and sales for the company sees the task of dismantling a dock from Japan that washed ashore at Agate Beach near Newport, Ore., in June.The dock wafted out to sea from the Japanese port city of Misawa during the March 2011 tsunami.It’s out of the water now, but the presence of tides raises contractual issues that leave some contractors on the sidelines, Muller said. By contrast, Ballard has in-water work know-how. “That’s where we come into play,” he said.The company won an $84,000 contract to do the job of cutting the 66-foot-long, seven-foot-tall dock into five sections and then using a crane to load the sections onto trucks for transport to an off-site location for final demolition and recycling.Ballard’s work, which could be completed in as few as two days, begins midafternoon Wednesday. The company, which employs more than 150 commercial divers, has expertise in industrial diving and responding to salvage projects. It was the lead contractor in the dismantling of the broken barge Davy Crockett, the former fixture on the Columbia River near Camas.last_img

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