Netflix Crossovers Wed Like to See After The Defenders

first_img What to Stream on Netflix This Weekend11 Other Old-School Nick Shows That Should Get Netflix Movies Stay on target In 2012, after a series of solo films, we finally saw our favorite Marvel Studios superheroes (and Thor) unite in The Avengers. Audiences loved seeing the characters interact, corporate #brand masters loved raking in the $1.5 billion box office, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe truly began in earnest.This week, after a series of solo Netflix shows, we’ll finally see our favorite street-level New York Marvel superheroes (and Iron Fist) unite in The Defenders. While Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones all technically take place in the world of the Avengers, Marvel TV has been building its own little universe on Netflix, and this miniseries is where things (hopefully) all come together with Avengers-level aplomb.In the wake of the MCU’s success, plenty of other studios have tried to forge their own cinematic universes. Most have been bad. Is anyone a fan of The Mummy’s Dark Universe? But recently the DC Extended Universe experiment finally put out a movie better than most Marvel movies: Wonder Woman. So clearly the trend will continue, and if The Defenders is a hit, soon cinematic universes will be the hottest thing on streaming TV services, too.So let’s try to envision what these streaming universes might look like. After The Defenders, here are some other Netflix team-ups and crossovers we’d like to see.Crisis on Infinite Will ArnettsYou ever notice how many Netflix comedies star Will Arnett? There’s Arrested Development and Flaked and Bojack Horseman. We’re not complaining. He makes for a great blowhard/Batman. But it’s a weird trend. Might as well lean into it and unite all of these shows with Arnett as their bumbling nexus. Maybe all the characters team up to see who can be the best-failed performer with a tough guy voice. Or maybe it’s part of the Sense8 universe, and they’re all connected spirits, even the cartoon horse one. I’d also want to throw Maria Bamford’s Lady Dynamite in this universe, too, if only because of the Mitch Hurwitz/Arrested Development connection.The Glowing Kimmy Schmidt is the New BlackNetflix is responsible for some of the best women-centric TV shows these days, and those shows would probably get along fairly well. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is all about tackling new and potentially traumatic life experiences with a chipper attitude. Why not send her to the diverse women’s prison from Orange is the New Black? It’s not like she’d be more insufferable than Piper at this point. They’ve already teased this crossover with a joke. Let’s try it for real. Or maybe have Kimmy travel back in time and join the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling or GLOW? It’s not like she’d be more insufferable than Marc Maron is all the time. And if all else fails, she’d probably make a pretty good Gilmore Girl.Fuller House of CardsOf all the pandering stabs at 1990s nostalgia, the Full House revival Fuller House might be one of the most shameless. You know what else was a huge part of the 1990s? Presidential power couple Bill and Hillary Clinton. The stars of Netflix’s crown jewel political melodrama House of Cards are basically sinister Clintons, so maybe they could cross paths with D.J. Tanner and the gang? Oh Mylanta, maybe Frank pushes Uncle Joey in front of a train? What if Claire launches a scheme that finally gets the Olsen Twins to show up? I just want Bob Saget to finally show off that filthy mouth of his in the Full House continuity.Get Down, White PeopleWith The Get Down and Dear White People, Netflix has two whole shows lovingly detailing two separate but very powerful Black experiences, the birth of hip hop in 1970s Bronx and modern young Black life in predominantly white Ivy League colleges. It’s a start. There’s a lot of history in the middle there with exploring, though. These days some of the biggest racial controversies on college campuses involve white students seizing ownership of music and culture from Black artists society once hated, and (in)arguably still does. There’s an enlightening, time-hopping, historical crossover story in there somewhere. Baz Luhrmann would love it.W/Bob and David and Grace and FrankieI just love this potential name, but W/Bob and David is a spiritual successor to hit cult sketch show Mr. Show starring David Cross and Saul Goodman himself Bob Odenkirk. It’s Tim and Eric before Tim and Eric. I just think it’d be a lot of fun to throw Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the stars of Netflix’s old people dramedy Grace & Frankie and funny people in their own right, in there and see what would happen.Dark (Streaming) UniverseNetflix has a fair amount of spooky shows, ranging from Addams Family-esque kid-friendly frights to straight up intense horror. There’s Stranger Things, Hemlock Grove, The OA, Castlevania, Black Mirror, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Let’s throw them all together into one creepy pile for some Halloween fun. Have the Stranger Things kids meet the Baudelaire orphans and try to figure out what an OA is before seeing a werewolf eat its own eyeballs. And then a Belmont shows up. Again, it couldn’t be any less coherent than Universal’s Dark Universe. It doesn’t have Tom Cruise screaming about nothing.Mystery Science Theater 4KWhen all of these crossovers inevitably turn out to be disasters, the best way to maintain audience good will is to take the loss with some good old-fashioned self-deprecating humor. And there’d be no better way to own yourself than with some meta new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix about Netflix. Those robots would absolutely tear apart an idea as stupid as “Crisis on Infinite Will Arnetts.” And the 4K joke works as both a successor to 3000 and a jab at Netflix’s much-vaunted 4K streaming resolution.Phase TwoWe’ve got some other Netflix crossover ideas that still need a little work. Ozark and Narcos and Bloodline all involve drug lords. Easy and Master of None and Love and Friends From College all have adrift aging Millennials/young Gen X leads. Something combining that American Death Note movie and 13 Reasons Why high school suicide would probably upset some people. Wet Hot American Summer is already an entire universe unto itself. And maybe we could have Drew Barrymore’s cannibal zombie mom from the Santa Clarita Diet eat Marco Polo or whoever.But if Netflix really wants to follow the Marvel playbook with its streaming universe, it has to save something for Phase Two. And of course, the Thanos-level enemy we’re all working to defeat is Adam Sandler. Maybe that’s what Shonda Rhimes got recruited for.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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