Files Go update removes the need to install more apps

Google’s suite of Android Go apps are designed to be lightweight yet functional. Files Go, however, has the distinction of having been designed to save you storage space by helping you manage your files and deleting unnecessary ones that are taking up space. The latest update to the app moves towards that but through a different channel. It helps you save space on your phone, Android Go or otherwise, by removing the need to install extra third-party apps. Aside from its AI-backed storage analysis, one of Files Go’s special space and data saving features is its offline sharing. No need to do the roundabout method of uploading to, say, Dropbox or Google Drive before sharing a link that others have to download too. Instead, File Go utilizes Bluetooth and ad-hoc Wi-Fi to transfer files to another phone running Files Go as well.The latest update makes that more useful and more secure by reducing the time needed to connect two devices, now less than 5 seconds, and increasing the transfer speed over 500 Mbps. Apps you also receive through this get checked for security and integrity. No need to install a third-party file sharing app on your phone.You might not need to install a media player app either. OK, maybe you will, but Files Go now has a built-in video and audio player to save you the space of installing one. It can even do background audio playing so you won’t need a music player either.That said, some power users dislike Files Go because it ironically doesn’t let them drill deep into their Android phone’s folders. You can now uninstall that other file manager app because Files Go can now do that too.

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