Review: Stone back in bold form with ‘Savages’

first_imgThe sun, in its various hues and levels of intensity, plays an important role in Oliver Stone’s latest, “Savages.” This film image released by Universal Pictures shows Benicio Del Toro, left, and Salma Hayek in a scene from “Savages.” (AP Photo/Universal Pictures, Francois Duhamel) This film image released by Universal Pictures shows Blake Lively, left, and Benicio Del Toro in a scene from “Savages.” (AP Photo/Universal Pictures, Francois Duhamel) This film image released by Universal Pictures shows John Travolta , left, and Taylor Kitsch in a scene from “Savages.” (AP Photo/Universal Pictures, Francois Duhamel) In the beginning of this tale of sex, drugs, money and power, it illuminates an idyllic decadence. It warms everything in a glow that suggests anything is possible, in a way that’s hazy and almost hallucinatory. But such a lifestyle can’t be maintained forever — that’s just the way these stories tend to go. And so eventually, especially in the film’s bloody desert climax, the sun bakes everyone mercilessly, bleaching away the colors and revealing the characters’ true natures.Regardless of which side of the battle they’re on, it’s clear they’ve all become savages.Sounds intense, and Stone’s film is indeed a lurid, pulpy film noir but with an erotic, even dreamlike California beach vibe. It’s an intriguing contrast, this mixture of a genre and an aesthetic that may not necessarily sound like they’d blend well together, but the result is the most explosively poppy film Stone has made in a long time.“Savages” is darkly funny and stylishly violent but never reaches the overwhelming level of audiovisual assault of, say, “Natural Born Killers,” for example. Directing from a script he co-wrote with Shane Salerno and Don Winslow (based on Winslow’s novel), Stone draws us into this glamorous yet seedy world and draws strong performances from his eclectic ensemble cast.Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson co-star as best friends and business partners Chon and Ben, young surfer-dude bad-asses who got rich quick growing a particularly strong strain of pot. Chon, an ex-Navy SEAL, came home after fighting in Afghanistan with the potent seeds and, understandably, some residual jumpiness from the war. Ben, who studied botany at UC Berkeley, turned those seeds into a small, independent empire, but he’s a pacifist with philanthropic goals.The two live in a spectacular Laguna Beach home with endless views of the Pacific Ocean. They also happily share the affections of their mutual girlfriend, the gorgeous, blonde O (Blake Lively), a nouveau riche Orange County princess who benefits from this arrangement in every possible way. (And there is a whole lotta masculine, muscular nudity in this film, just FYI — nearly as much as there was last week in “Magic Mike.”)Everyone’s happy until the leader of a Mexican cartel, the regal but ruthless Elena (a fantastic, scenery-chewing Salma Hayek) tries to expand her territory by taking over their business. First, she sends her trusted right-hand man (an elegant Demian Bechir) to approach them with a gentlemanly (if well-armed) proposition. When they politely decline, with phrasing that will come back to haunt them, she sends one of her heavies (Benicio Del Toro, amusingly cartoony) to make her point a little more clear.Then things start to get really ugly for these beautiful people.Kitsch is in one mode — he’s the trigger-happy, intense muscle of the operation — but he’s consistent and believable. Johnson fares better — his character has more shading — and he proves once again how versatile he is following roles as young John Lennon in “Nowhere Boy,” the nerdy superhero of “Kick-Ass” and the handsome but illiterate boiler repair man in “Albert Nobbs.”Lively, meanwhile, continues to expand on the unexpected glimmers of strength she revealed in 2010’s “The Town,” in contrast to her glamorous persona on- and off-camera. She’s called upon for more physical and emotional rigors than ever before and, for the most part, rises to Stone’s challenge. As our guide through this shadowy world, she’s also saddled with delivering the film’s sometimes-smothering narration; some lines that perhaps read better on paper clang on the ear, like the one in which she states that she had orgasms while Kitsch’s character had “wargasms.” Approaching such language (and the voiceover in general) from the perspective that it’s intended as a fundamental piece of film noir-style filmmaking makes it more relevant, though not necessarily more tolerable.Among the other colorful characters with something at stake in this increasingly are John Travolta as a DEA agent on the take and Emile Hirsch as the genius who finds complicated ways to hide the guys’ money.Stone clearly has a pro-drug message here — or at least an anti-war-on-drugs message: Everything falls apart once controls start being exerted. That’s unsurprising, given the open way in which he’s discussed drug use throughout his life. What is surprising is the fact that he’s not beating us over the head with it. “Savages” is an enjoyably gratuitous romp, but with something to say.“Savages,” a Universal Pictures release, is rated R for strong brutal and grisly violence, some graphic sexuality, nudity, drug use and language throughout. Running time: 129 minutes. Three stars out of four.___Motion Picture Association of America rating definitions:G — General audiences. All ages admitted.PG — Parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children.PG-13 — Special parental guidance strongly suggested for children under 13. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.R — Restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.NC-17 — No one under 17 admitted.last_img read more

Buley plays a merry tune

first_img(L to R) Jason Schembri, Volker Buley & Tom McDowell.At the other end of the scale, all Geri Crilly wanted for Christmas to go with his two front teeth was to play like John Anderson.  Ando is clearly enjoying his multiple-winning form.All and sundry were trying to gain some Christmas spending and whilst there were a few steady efforts, some were regrettable.  Geri had a day to remember for all the wrong reasons, and was swabbed post game.  It seems that Geri is like my football team and takes his performance enhancing pills after the game and not before.A Flight1st Ian Parry (11) 37pts2nd Keith Buchanan (17) 36pts3rd Ebrahim (16) 33ptsB Flight1st John Anderson (27) 34pts2nd Volker Buley (33) 31pts3rd Patrick Poussier (25) 30ptsNear Pins: #5 Keith Buchanan, #8 Rita Zoebelli, #15 Sandy Leiper, #17 Rita ZoebelliLong Putts: #9 Sandy Leiper, #18 Ian MastersonBack at ‘The Swan’, the Christmas spirit kicked in and the ‘Coodabeen Champions’ celebrated with the winners.  Dee Mark4 (charity dog) was delighted to receive many donations and the players are thanked for their continued generosity.  Farewells were extended to JC Lhoste and Ian Parry.Thursday, Dec. 24, Plutaluang – Monthly MugPlutaluang’s South and East nines off the yellow tees posed the challenge for the ‘Growlers’ on Thursday.  We were originally set for Pattana GC, however their rates have gone through the roof and they lost our 34 starters.John Anderson (left) with Ian Parry.In the spirit of Christmas several of the players brought hangovers with them, Andrew Allen brought his nostalgic, non-matching apparel and Sandy Leiper brought his humour. S andy declared he would shoot his age if he lived to 105.It was count em all, Monthly Mug time and greetings were extended to Tom McDowell, Sandy Lyl and Jason Schembri.The course was busy with quite a lot of golfers squeezing a game in prior to Christmas Day.  This scribe considers that the greens have become a lot slicker than in the past, but they played reasonably true on this day considering the constant heavy traffic.  As per usual, the gnarly crabgrass lies took their toll on most of the field, only the unflappable Volker Buley bettered his handicap.Wily Don Richardson enjoys this track and started out like a German band until he missed a short putt, promptly did a few ‘hockey one, hockey two, hockey three’s and … Oops, we’re playing stroke’.  Stapo, Wayco and Gozzo were more like Martin, Barton and Fargo whilst our host Peter Grey wrote his speech 9 holes too early.Jason Schembri eked out his first A Grade win, but it was the affable Volker Buley who enjoyed a wonderful day out with a resounding 65 net to blitz the field.  A very popular winner indeed, well done Volker!Monthly Mug1st Volker Buley (33) net 65A Flight (0-15)1st Jason Schembri (15) net 752nd Mashi Kaneta (14) net 753rd Kevin Waycott (8) net 76B Flight (16-26)1st Tom McDowell (21) net 742nd Mike Gosden (16) net 763rd Ebrahim (16) net 76C Flight (27+)1st Volker Buley (33) net 652nd Sandy Leiper (30) net 723rd Andrew Allen (30) net 76Near Pins: E2 Bill Steinman, E5 Kevin Waycott, S13 Shane Young, S16 Sandy LeiperLong Putts: #9 Ebrahim, #18 Frank WaterhouseBack at ‘The Swan’ Sandy continued in good form.  His doctor had told him to play 36 holes a day, so he was heading out to buy a harmonica.  We said good bye to Geri Crilly heading back to the old country for a wedding.  Travel safe mate and have a good trip!  Peter Grey was thanked for the fine spread of food and Peter Bass (Asia Backpackers) for his continued sponsorship.Note: The GS is a friendly golf outlet and welcomes golfers of all persuasions.  We generally play on Mondays and Thursdays at any one of the fine courses around Pattaya.  For some serious golf with a dash of fun, please contact Peter Grey for bookings or any information on 0861 503086. PSC Golf from The Growling SwanMonday, Dec. 21, Mt. Shadow – StablefordMany of our regulars have headed back to their families for the Christmas/New Year festivities, however on a whim and a prayer, 26 golfers rocked up for today’s jousting where the pre-game locker room banter was relentless. On this day we played off the blue tees in pleasant conditions.  Fine performances were displayed by Ian Parry and Kissy Buchanan, but it was the smiling assassin, John Anderson who stole the march in B Grade.last_img read more

Florentino Perez quotes on Denis Cheryshev ban issue

first_img Media questions “As the player Cheryshev states, nobody notified him of the ban, and for that reason it should not take effect. Real Madrid were not aware of its existence, nobody notified the club of its existence, neither the player nor Villarreal nor the RFEF. The necessity for personal notification was explicitly acknowledged by the Administrative Court for Sport in its recent resolution of 30 January 2015”. “It’s an essential, basic principle of all punitive law that that the punishment does not take effect, and it is as if it did not exist, until the party receiving the punishment is notified”. Karim Benzema”I believe that Karim has to be allowed a basic right that we all enjoy, and that is the presumption of innocence. And I believe that there have been people who have acted very well, such as [Nicolas] Sarkozy, and others who have not acted so well and who have already judged him, furthermore people of signifcance and who in my view have acted quite poorly. He does not deserve to be judged before the judges have done so”. Other cases”What the regulation says is that punitive resolutions will not take effect until the parties concerned have been personally notified. It’s not me saying that. It’s not an interpretation, but the exact words of the regulation. I guess that if Athletic Club have done that today [left Raúl García out], it’s because they were aware of it, but we weren’t. I imagine that Atlético Madrid will have notified the player and he told Athletic, which is what is reasonable. The person who needs to know about it is the party concerned, and this regulation is there precisely for that. But if nobody notified the player, then he didn’t know about it”.  Ban”We’ll certainly take it to the TAD, because there is jurisprudence and we have a duty to defend what we believe is our right. If there had been any negligence by anyone, any notification that had gone astray or anyone who had not acted correctly, we would acknowledge that and we would apologise and we would take the measures we have to take. But the fact is that, quite honestly, if we were not told by the player, who is the individual who needs to know about it, if we were not told by either the Federation or Villarreal, who are aware of it, it was impossible for us to know about it”.  Sport EN Florentino Perez spoke at length on the Denis Cheryshev issue, saying the player was not suspended against Cadiz because he had never been told of his one-game ban. Matchday delegate”What the matchday delegate, Chendo, and the director of football, and everyone involved in this issue wants is the best for Real Madrid, but nobody believes they have committed any act of negligence, and we believe that nobody informed the club or the player. It was impossible for us to act otherwise”. Rights”We’ve been looking into yesterday’s case and we believe that the lack of any notification for the player or the club leads us to defend our rights as we think that we have them. And if it’s not tomorrow at the Federation, it’ll be before the Administrative Court for Sport. I think that in practice when clubs are notified of bans, if the player is still at the same club then perhaps there’s no need to say anything to him. But if the circumstance arises that that player leaves the club and he hasn’t been personally notified, then this circumstance arises that isn’t normal. We’ve experienced this unfortunate occurrence and we’ll assume all our responsibilities. I’ve come out, I’ve spoken and we’ll see what happens because we believe that we’re in the right”.  Cádiz”I did not speak to their president either yesterday or today, nor is it for me to tell anyone what they have to do. They will have acted in their best interests”. “As a result, we believe that the ban should not take effect because the player was not personally notified, and even if he was, which in our view was not the case, we also believe that it was wiped out. In summary, Real Madrid did not field an ineligible player. That is our opinion after analysing the situation with the club’s legal services”. Here is what Perez said, and the answers to the questions from the journalists, as published by Real Madrid themselves.  “What happened to yesterday is without precedent for us, that’s the fact of the matter, because whenever there has been a ban or a player has come here carrying a ban, he has known about it because he was notified of it, and that’s what makes us avoid fielding him. Nobody can be in any doubt that the player was not notified, because it would be absurd if he were notified and he played. That doesn’t make any sense”. Zinedine Zidane”I love Zinedine Zidane, both as a coach and previously as a player. He’s learning his trade to be a great coach, and I think that’s what he’s going to be and I wish him the very best. And if one day he becomes coach of Real Madrid, it’ll be a pleasure. But at this moment in time we have a great coach, he’s on the right track and we have to let him work. We put in a bad performance against Barcelona, but now we’re getting ourselves back on course. And now a special night such as yesterday’s, when we won the match, becomes a sad one because of this unfortunate occurrence”. Chants”What upset me yesterday were the unfortunate circumstances that I’ve discussed and that because of the miscommunication of a ban we’re in this predicament, and we’re going to work to resolve it. If it’s not tomorrow at the Federation, it will be before the Administrative Court for Sport, and that’s what I’m most concerned about”. Federation”It’s being said that there was a circular that was received by all clubs. That’s not true. We did not receive anything, and the Federation, with whom we have spoken, know that they did not send us anything. On the other hand, they did send us a list of suspended players for youth footballers in the División de Honor. For that reason, we have acted as always. Furthermore, particular emphasis was placed on checking everything yesterday, at the request of Rafa Benítez, who said so to Chendo, because there were a lot players, some foreigners, others coming in from Castilla, and there’s always the possibility of confusion. Particular rigour is always applied, but yesterday all the more so”. Party responsible”Right now there is nobody that we have found to have acted negligently. We will continue working and we will see how this ends, but this is the conclusion that we have reached after meeting with our legal services and analysing the situation with the Board of Directors. In our football management area, there is an administrative department that deals with this; it has never had any problem and analyses all cases except those such as this one, which are not known about because nobody has told us about it. And we believe that if the player was not personally notified, his ban should not take effect”. In relation to Real Madrid’s fielding of the player Denis Cheryshev in the Copa del Rey match against Cádiz yesterday, and after analysing the events in today’s meeting of the Board of Directors, we wish to state that the one-match ban for accumulating three yellow cards in the Copa del Rey tournament last season, when the player was representing Villarreal, should in our view not take effect, because nobody notified the player of the ban, as is clearly stipulated in article 41 section two of the Spanish Football Federation’s Disciplinary Code, which states: … punitive resolutions will not take effect until the parties concerned have been personally notified”. Members”We haven’t discussed refunding money if there is no second leg, because we’re at a juncture at which we hope to come out of this issue with a positive outcome. But the club’s members and ticket holders should not worry, because everything we do is for their benefit and their stability, and to ensure that this club remains the greatest club in the world”. Cheryshev”I haven’t spoken to him. Others have spoken to him, and he’s calm. He went out there to play because he was convinced that he could play. Nobody notified him, or the club, of anything. It’s said that we were sent a circular, and I can assure you that nobody received anything here, that the player was completely unaware, and it was an unfortunate occurrence where we are not to blame for something and the regulation is very clear”. CET “Even if we accepted that the ban should take effect, which we deny, it must be considered to be automatically wiped out in accordance with the provisions of the final subsection of article 112, paragraph two, section one, which says, and I quote: … in the Campeonato de España / Copa de S. M. El Rey, at the end of the third knockout round, all participants’ existing cycles of cautions will be automatically annulled, and a new cycle shall commence for all participants in the round of 32″. Rafa Benítez”I spoke to the coach yesterday. We’re all very sad as Madridistas because we’re facing a situation that had never happened. But it isn’t an act of negligence, because nodody knew about it. And if the player doesn’t know about it, and he’s the one who needs to know about it, because he wasn’t personally notified, then it’s difficult for us to know about it. One of those things has arisen that don’t tend to ever happen, it had never happened to us and we’re very upset about it and aim to continue working to try to resolve this issue, and we’re convinced that these things will never happen to us again”. Upd. at 23:50 03/12/2015 Notification”And if he was not notified, there is jurisprudence in that respect. If the player is unaware of it, if the club is unaware of it because nobody has notified them, because the Federation or Villarreal could have notified them of it, then Madrid can only analyse the nature of this situation and it’s what I’ve said to you: we believe that the ban should not take effect because the player was not personally notified, which is what the code says”.last_img read more

Tottenham claim 1-1 draw against Arsenal in Derby after late drama

first_imgAdvertisement cfoNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs2rdxhWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E197( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 4atnyWould you ever consider trying this?😱7u8nCan your students do this? 🌚kkRoller skating! Powered by Firework Tottenham Hotspur claimed a 1-1 draw against Arsenal, as the spoils were shared in the North London derby. It was probably the last game at the Wembley Stadium for Spurs, a ground which has been their temporary home turf for more than a year.Advertisement To the surprise of many, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang started the game on the bench for Arsenal. But the Gunners did not miss him in the early stages. Unai Emery’s side had the better of the opening exchanges and duly scored to validate that. Davinson Sanchez failed to clear an easy ball, and Alexandre Lacazette set Aaron Ramsey on his way.Advertisement Ramsey rounded off Hugo Lloris to score calmly. Arsenal defended stoutly, and Spurs were failed to create many openings. Mauricio Pochettino’s side started brightly in the second half. They were awarded a penalty when Shkodran Mustafi handled in the area. The call was controversial, however, as Harry Kane appeared to be offside in the play.Kane made no mistake from the spot, and Spurs were level. Arsenal were awarded a penalty of their own, but Aubameyang scuffed his effort and Lloris came up with the save. The game opened late on, but neither side failed to snatch a winner. Lucas Torreira was sent off in the dying minutes for a dangerous tackle on Danny Rose.Advertisement The point was a good one for Spurs after the week they had. Arsenal still trail their rivals by four points in the Premier League table. Advertisementlast_img read more

South east soaked

first_imgBy Jessica Anstice An emergency service unit has responded to 26 callouts since Wednesday 29 May, with properties flooding across the Cardinia shire….[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

Horse Racing Ireland Goes Ploughing

first_imgVisitors to the marquee will see RACE (Racing Academy and Centre of Education) give horse simulator demonstrations, allowing members of the public to experience what it is like to ride a racehorse and gain an understanding of the career opportunities in the racing industry.Children will be entertained by ‘Front Runner – Racing Club for Kids’. The daily shows at 11am and 2pm will include racing games, colouring competitions, quizzes, demonstrations and great prizes.  A ‘Racing Mastermind’ battle will also be a feature of the daily shows, with Matt Chapman taking on Horse Racing Ireland racing expert, Martin Murphy.Horse Racing Ireland is also offering a VIP day at the races for ten people at the Leopardstown Christmas Festival.  Each of the ten guests will also receive a one-year digital subscription to the Irish Field bringing the total value of the prize to almost €3,000. The competition is free to enter to all marquee visitors.The HRI merchandise shop will be stocked with adults and children’s jackets, gilets, beanies and baseball caps.Barbara White, Head of Marketing and PR, HRI commented: “Horse Racing Ireland’s presence at the National Ploughing Championships connects us with the rural heartland, where racing has its most dedicated followers. Our marquee will be completely racing interactive for the entire three days with in-depth interviews with, and opportunities to meet top jockeys and trainers and take part in our racing quizzes and competitions. It’s a great way to introduce children to racing with our ‘Front Runner – Racing Club for Kids’ shows and see horse simulator demonstrations from RACE. We will have information on all race meetings for the rest of the year, details of how to get involved in horse ownership and literature from our Careers and Racing Education (CARE) Department.”ITV Racing and At The Races Presenter, Matt Chapman said: “This will be my third year MC’ing the Horse Racing Ireland marquee at the Ploughing and I’m always so impressed with the level of interest and knowledge the ploughing visitors have in Irish racing.  Kevin and I have great fun chatting to all the top jockeys and trainers over the three days, meeting trainee jockeys from RACE and embarrassing myself on their horse simulator. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the mud, the tractors and Irish racing for three days and packing the marquee to the rafters for the daily shows.”The Horse Racing Ireland marquee will be located at: Block No 2, Row No 11, Stand No 261.At The Races and ITV Racing Presenter Matt Chapman during last year’s Ploughing Championships.print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email The interactive HRI marquee will be hosted by ITV Racing and At The Races presenter Matt Chapman and his At The Races colleague Kevin O’Ryan who will interview top trainers and jockeys daily, including Davy Russell, Ruby Walsh and Pat Smullen, with lots of competitions and racing ticket giveaways. Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) will return to the 2017 National Ploughing Championships next Tuesday 19 to Thursday 21 September at Screggan, Tullamore, County Offaly.last_img read more

Top teams head to Belmar for Nissan Series Open

first_img BY TIM MORRIS Staff Writer Local man qualifies through wild card tournament BY TIM MORRISStaff Writer Belmar Beach is open to the best volleyball players in world. This weekend, Belmar will be hosting the Association of Volleyball Players (AVP) 2005 Nissan Series Belmar Open Friday through Sunday. As always since the AVP began making its stop in Belmar 15 years ago, the best AVP players will be trading blocks, digs, kills and service winners on the beach. On the men’s side, Jake Gibb and Stein Metzger, who have two wins to their credit on tour this year, currently lead the Nissan Series standings with Dax Holden and Jeff Nygaard, who have three titles, close behind. There will be a local connection in Belmar with Freehold Township High School grad Brian Soldano, who now lives in Middletown, competing with partner Jim Walls. They qualified for Belmar through the AVP wild card tournament that was held at Point Pleasant Beach, June 24-26. Soldano gives the locals some one to cheer for. Soldano and Walls competed in Belmar last year. The men’s field is wide open, with 10 different teams having made it to the semifinals this year in just five tournaments. On the women’s side, it’s not close with the world’s best team, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, sitting by themselves atop the standings. They have won the first five tournaments of the season and nine straight going back to the end of the 2004 season. The streak, 39-straight matches, includes their gold medal at the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. An injury to May-Treanor last year prevented them from competing in Belmar, and they will be motivated to add the popular Belmar stop to their streak. The Colorado Connection of veteran Elaine Youngs and Rachel Wachholder are the No. 2 team on the tour. They would like nothing more than to snap the May-Treanor/Walsh win streak this weekend. They have been to two finals this year and in all five tournaments were beaten by the Olympic champions. They must feel they are overdue for a win. Jennifer Kessy and veteran Holly McPeak are challenging Youngs and Wachholder for second. Brazilians Samirames Marins and Tatiana Minello bring an international flavor and the samba to Belmar. They were runners-up to May-Treanor/ Walsh in their most recent tournament in San Diego. History could be on the challengers’ side this weekend. Belmar is one tournament that May-Treanor/Walsh didn’t win last year. Of course, it took a pulled abdominal muscle that sidelined May-Treanor to break up the team. Walsh teamed up with Jennifer Meredith for the weekend on the Jersey Shore. They reached the Sunday final, but lost to Youngs and McPeak. On the men’s side, the 2004 Belmar Open was won by Casey Jennings and Matt Fuerbringer. It was the first-ever AVP win for the tandem who became a fan favorite during the tournament. Pro volleyball action will start on Friday on Fourth Avenue with qualifying matches from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday will feature Main Draw Competition from 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Sunday’s action will showcase the semifinals and finals with action starting at 8:30 a.m. and concluding at 5 p.m.last_img read more

Hodge hoping for the best on bruised calf

first_img‘It’s not my shame’: Why Filipino women are calling out sexual misconduct on social media ‘1917’ takes top honor at the Producers Guild Awards Wildlife rescuers asked to turn over animals to DENR Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Taal Volcano evacuees warned against going home “I got kneed to the calf in the third quarter and then it started to swell up a little bit so I couldn’t bend my legs,” said Hodge, who finished with 12 points and eight rebounds.Norman Black is hoping that the injury is nothing serious especially with the Bolts on a roll in the 2017 PBA Commissioner’s Cup.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSEnd of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legendSPORTSBreak new groundSPORTSMcGregor blasts Cerrone in 40 seconds in UFC returnIt was a welcome sign that the energetic forward was able to come out of Mall of Asia Arena on his own, though he still felt a stinging pain on his leg.“I think it’s a bruise. It hurts but I can still walk, it’s just that I couldn’t get back in the game,” he said. LATEST STORIES ‘Bad Boys for Life’ debuts so good with box office top spot Filipinos turn Taal Volcano ash, plastic trash into bricks PLAY LIST 01:40Filipinos turn Taal Volcano ash, plastic trash into bricks01:32Taal Volcano watch: Island fissures steaming, lake water receding02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite Despite his injury, the 6-foot-3 forward is happy that the Bolts were able to grind out the win over the gritty Elasto Painters squad in the battle of the early leaders.“The main thing for us is our defense is pretty solid. I think we’re the number one defensive team now stat-wise, and our rebounding has been great. If you rebound the ball and you play defense,usually you have a good chance at winning,” he said. “The team is playing well, we’re not relying on any individual to score a lot and we’re playing as a team.”If he doesn’t get cleared to play, Hodge, who is averaging 7.0 points and 5.0 rebounds so far this conference, might miss Meralco’s tiff against San Miguel on Sunday.ADVERTISEMENT Marcos monument beside Aquino’s stirs Tarlac town Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. MOST READ Perkins lifts Hawkeyes Duterte promises to look for funds to establish rail transport in Cebu Palace: Crisis over ABC-CBN franchise unlikely Prince Harry: ‘No other option’ but to cut royal ties Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netMeralco’s fourth victory was dampened by Cliff Hodge’s apparent calf injury late in the 89-83 win over Rain or Shine Wednesday night.Hodge said he took a knee to the calf in the third quarter, hampering his mobility so he had to sub out at the 8:20 mark of the fourth period.ADVERTISEMENT View commentslast_img read more

Griezmann at the double as France clip Germany 2-1

first_imgPARIS (AP): Antoine Griezmann got the better of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer once again, scoring both goals as France rallied to beat Germany 2-1 in the UEFA Nations League yesterday. Midfielder Toni Kroos gave Germany the lead from the penalty spot after 14 minutes and the visitors had chances to go further ahead before Griezmann equalised with a superb header in the 62nd. Griezmann showed perfect timing to meet Atletico Madrid teammate Lucas Hernandez’s cross from the left with a glancing header which looped over Neuer’s outstretched hand. With 10 minutes left, Griezmann coolly put France ahead with a penalty for his 26th international goal. He sent Neuer the wrong way, having also done so in the European Championship semi-finals two years ago when Griezmann also scored twice. World Cup star Kylian Mbappe’s pass led to Griezmann’s penalty. He picked out midfielder Blaise Matuidi’s run and centre half Mats Hummels was adjudged to have impeded Matuidi, although there was no video review available to the referee and contact appeared minimal. The win moved World Cup winners France top of Group 1 in the top-tier League A, while Germany are last with only one point. It is the first time the Germans have lost two consecutive competitive matches since 2000 but France’s win was tougher than expected. “The first half was difficult. Tactically speaking, we weren’t making enough effort for one another,” Griezmann said. “We spoke about it calmly during the break. We became world champions because we played for one another.” Germany’s confidence has taken a bashing since their group stage exit at the World Cup as defending champions and two unconvincing performances in the Nations League a 0-0 home draw against France and a 3-0 loss away to the Netherlands last Saturday. Coach Joachim Loew tried a more adventurous formation, bringing in pacey wingers Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane. With left back Nico Schulz also pushing up regularly, France were completely stretched at times in the first half. “Losing always feels bad, especially after leading and feeling in control. That’s bitter,” Neuer said. “We played bravely, like we were the team that had won 3-0 in Holland.” The opening goal came after France midfielder Paul Pogba carelessly lost the ball and Germany broke quickly. Sane’s low cross drew a penalty when it hit the arm of defender Presnel Kimpembe who again looked vulnerable following a poor performance in a 2-2 draw against Iceland in a friendly last Thursday.last_img read more

ALJA Urges Liberian Media to Remain Fearless

first_imgThe Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas(ALJA) says its attention has been drawn to the recent pronouncement by Attorney General, Counselor Benedict Sannoh, that the Liberian government is to begin prosecuting local journalists and media institutions that engage in what he calls the “deliberate and blatant reporting of falsehood” in Liberia. ALJA says it is deeply troubled by the Attorney General’s warning. The Association, in a press release issued in Monrovia yesterday, said while it does not support ethical transgressions such as blackmailing, fabrications, rumor mongering and the deliberate distortion of facts in the Liberian media, it is however concerned by the unintended consequences the Justice Minister’s statement could have on free speech and press freedom in the country if the reported plan is not reconsidered. ALJA said no matter how well intentioned the pronouncement may seem for ensuring responsible and professional journalism in Liberia, the statement has the probability of being misconstrued and literally taken by overzealous security personnel and some public officials as a license for clamping down on the media and perceived enemies of the Sirleaf regime. The Association said it would remain vigilant in working with the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) in condemning and opposing actions that are inimical to the gathering and dissemination of public information by journalists and media institution in Liberia. Meanwhile, ALJA is calling on Liberian journalists to remain fearless and professional in their reporting. ALJA further cautioned the Liberian press to strive in sustaining the Liberian peace and democracy by exercising due diligence in their reporting about happenings in the country, especially when dealing with matters that have national security implications. “Ensure that your stories are accurate and balanced through fact checking and the verification of sources,” the Association advised. ALJA said the Liberian government and the press are not adversaries and they must work in unison for a stable and better Liberia. In a related development, ALJA has welcomed the exhaustive efforts the Liberian government is making in getting to the core of circumstances surrounding the suspicious death of the late former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC), Harry Greaves, Jr. The Association said its welcomes the recent arrival in Liberia of two U.S. law enforcement officers for the purpose of assisting local security officers in the ongoing probe of circumstances regarding the disappearance and subsequent death of Mr. Greaves. The remains of Mr. Greaves was reportedly found on the beach behind the fence of the Executive Mansion on January 31, 2016 in Monrovia after his disappearance from the RL Johnson Resort in Kendeja situated on the Roberts International Airport Highway, where he was last seen on Friday, January 29 after his driver dropped him off. ALJA also described as laudable the decision by the Sirleaf government to bring in another U.S. based pathologist for a second opinion, or the performance of another autopsy on the late Greaves’ corpse to determine the cause of death. The Association urged the government to take similar actions in addressing the mysterious deaths of Victoria Zazay, politician Fayiah Gbollie, Dan Orogun, Managing Director of the Guaranty Trust Bank in Liberia, and Atty. Michael Allison who also perished under dubious conditions like the Greaves. ALJA said it is imperative for the Sirleaf government to exercise impartiality in the probe of all suspicious deaths in Liberia because all human lives are precious and valuable regardless of the individual’s gender, race, ethnicity and social status. Meanwhile, ALJA says it is deeply concerned about the security challenges that might develop with the departure of the United Nations Peace Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) from the country after June 2016. The Association said the general lawlessness across the country is a clue that there will be security challenges when UNMIL’s mandate ends before the presidential and legislative elections in 2017. ALJA named the reported rise in ritualistic killings in rural Liberia, mob actions, and senior police officers involvement in armed robbery allegations as some of the challenges. ALJA said given these unfortunate developments unfolding in the country, it is only appropriate that the United Nations Security Council suspends UNMIL’s drawdown at this time until after the 2017 Presidential and General Elections.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more